Friday, January 21, 2011

Wireless Communication Terminals

The category of wireless communication terminals usually includes various other devices and components including mobile phones, pagers, walkie talkie, and various mobile phone accessories as well. Mobile phone accessories entail a complete range of products and components such as mobile phone adapters, mobile phone antenna, mobile phone bags and cases, mobile phone batteries, mobile phone cables, mobile phone chargers, mobile phone flex cables, mobile phone holders, mobile phone housings, mobile phone jammers, mobile phone keypads, mobile phone LCD, mobile phone SIM cards, mobile phone stickers, and mobile phone straps and other mobile phone accessories. Usually a mobile phone set consists of many parts and components such as circuit board, antenna, liquid crystal display (LCD), keyboard, microphone, speaker, and a battery. Most popular brands of mobile phone are Apple iPhone, BlackBerry, Casio, HTC, Kyocera, LG, Motorola, Nextel, Nokia, Palm, Pantech, PCD, Samsung, Sanyo, Sony Ericsson, Asus, Dell, Huawei, HP iPAQ, Innostream, Microsoft KIN, Mitsubishi, NEC, Panasonic, Siemens, and ZTE and UTStarcom Audiovox. Most brands of mobile phones are Samsung SPH-m900 (Moment), Samsung SGH-t749 (Highlight), Samsung SGH-a887 (Solstice), Samsung SGH-a877 (Impression), Samsung SGH-a867 (Eternity), Samsung SCH-u960 (Rogue), Palm Pre, Motorola DROID (A855), Motorola CLIQ, LG Xenon/GR500, LG GT365/Neon, LG enV3/VX9200, LG enV TOUCH/VX11000, HTC Touch Pro2 (Verizon),  HTC DROID ERIS, BlackBerry 9630/Tour, BlackBerry 9530/Storm and Apple iPhone 3G. 

Telephones & Accessories

The category of telephones and accessories is normally comprised of many devices, components and equipments such as corded telephones, cordless telephones as well as telephone accessories. Telephone accessories are comprised of answering machines, caller ID boxes, phone cards, telephone cords, telephone headsets and other telephone accessories. A telephone set is composed of various parts, components and accessories such as telephone handsets, hook switches, telephone handset hangers, telephone handset transmitters, transmitter, telephone handset receivers, wire connectors, clips, ringer, alerter, antisidetone network, and microphone and speaker also. There are many telephone companies operating all over the world. The examples of most popular telephone companies in human history entail The Phone Company, Regional Bell Operating Company (RBOC), Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP), Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier (ILEC), Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC), Communications Service Provider, and Bell Telephone Company. The examples of fixed line telephone operating companies in United States are ACN Inc. Windstream Communications, Vonage, Verizon Communications, SBC Communications, Qwest Communications (Qwest), Pac-West Telecomm, Malheur Bell, Integra Telecom, GTE, Frontier Communications, Fairpoint Communications, Excel Communications, Cincinnati Bell, CenturyLink, Blue Casa Communications, and BellSouth and AT&T. There are also mobile-phone operators working in the United States such as Verizon Wireless, Unicel, TracFone Wireless, T-Mobile (Deutsche Telekom), SunCom Wireless, Edge Wireless, Dobson Cellular, Cincinnati Bell Wireless, Centennial Wireless,  Centennial Communications, AT&T Mobility (AT&T), América Móvil,  and Alltel etc.

Communication Equipment

The category of communication equipment includes many equipments and communication devices such as communication cables, fiber optic equipment, fixed wireless terminals, modems, network cards, network hubs, PBX, repeater, routers, telecom parts, telecommunication tower, VOIP products, WiFi finder, wireless networking equipment including many other telecommunications products as well. The most common network communication devices are CSU/DSU, digital media receiver, firewall, gateways, hubs, ISDN adapters, LAN devices, load balancers, modems, multiplexer, networking cables, NIC adapter, NIC adapters, proxy, routers, switches and wireless access points. Most popular web-based video communication program are Yahoo Messenger, Tokbox, Stickam, Skype, SightSpeed, Paltalk (also called PaltalkScene), ooVoo, Microsoft: Windows Live Video Messages, Microsoft: Windows Live Messenger, Meetcam, MeBeam, iChat, Google Talk, Gmail, FilmOn, Ekiga, CU-SeeMe, Camfrog and AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). Most popular brands of webcam hardware are Trust, Sony, Samsung, Philips, Microsoft, Logitech, Linksys by Cisco, Lenovo, Labtec, Hercules, Hama CM Series, Genius, FaceVsion, Creative, and BrightCom and Apple. Most popular brands for web-based videoconferencing are Vidyo, Tandberg, Sony, Radvision, Polycom, Polycom, LifeSize, LG-Nortel, HP, Cisco Systems, BrightCom, AVerMedia and Aethra. Modern communication equipments and devices have totally revolutionized the world of communication from top to bottom. Therefore, the modern age is known as an age of communication. 

Broadcasting Equipment & Services

Broadcasting equipment and services are usually categorized into radio and TV accessories, radio and TV broadcasting equipment and telecommunication services as well. Radio and TV accessories entail satellite TV receiver, set top box, TV antenna and other radio and TV accessories also. Electronic broadcasting media entails many kinds of broadcasting such as cable radio (also known as 'cable television' and 'cable FM'), radio broadcasting, satellite television, telephone broadcasting, television broadcasting, and webcasting. Many countries operate their dedicated satellite for broadcasting. Examples of these countries are US, Turkey, Sweden, Spain, Russia, Philippines,  Pakistan, Norway, Netherlands, Mexico , Malaysia, Luxembourg, Israel, India, Greece, France, RSA, Egypt, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Argentina  and many Arab countries as well. Other than different TV channels dedicated for sports, films, entertainment, infotainment, new channels, documentary channels etc, there are many examples of religious channels such as World Harvest Television (WHT), Unity Broadcasting Network, Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), Total Living Network (TLN), Three Angels Broadcasting Network, The Worship Network, Hope Channel, Gospel Music Channel, Golden Eagle Broadcasting, God's Learning Channel, FamilyNet, Familyland Television Network, Eternal Word Television Networ, Daystar Television Network, Cornerstone Television and Amazing Facts Television. Common examples of different TV networks in United States include ABC (Alphabet network), CBS, Tiffany network, Circle network, DuMont Television Network, Eye network, Fox Broadcasting Company, Frog network, MyNetworkTV (Fox mini-network), NBC (Peacock network), PBS (Head Network), Shapes network, Disc network, The CW (Green network), The WB and UPN (Used Parts Network) etc. 


1.    Antennas are mainly categorized into some major classifications such as antennas for communications, car antenna, mobile phone antenna, TV antenna including other antennas made for different functions and purposes. Antennas are classified as per different technologies used for different innovations. Mostly, antennas are categorized into microwave antenna (also known as parabolic antenna), radio telescope, television antenna (also known as TV aerial), antenna towers, dish antenna, horn antenna, dipole antenna, omni-directional antenna, and directional antenna (also known as beam antenna). Now in this modern age, TV antennas are becoming obsolete, especially after arrival of cabled television services which don’t require any sort of antenna to mount on your rooftops. Antennas are also categorized frequency wise such as yagi-uda antenna, wullenweber, wokfi, whip antenna, vivaldi-antenna, umbrella antenna, turnstile antenna, TT-aerial, television receive-only, television antenna, targeting tower, T2FD antenna, synthetic aperture radar, super-dish, smart antenna, slot antenna, shortwave relay station, short backfire antenna, sector antenna, satellite dish, rubber ducky antenna, rhombic antenna, regenerative loop antenna, reflector, reflective array antenna, reference antenna, rectenna, random wire antenna, quad antenna, parabolic antenna, periscope antenna, patch antenna, omnidirectional antenna, offset dish antenna, monopole antenna, micro-strip antenna, meta-material antennas, mast radiator, low-gain antenna, loop antenna, log-periodic antenna, JJ-pole antenna, isotropic radiator, inverted vee antenna, image antenna, hrs antenna, high-gain antenna, helical antenna, fractal antenna, folded unipole antenna, folded inverted conformal antenna, fan-beam antenna, feed horn, evolved antenna, dual-band blade antenna, discone antenna, directional array, directional antenna, dipole antenna, dielectric wireless receiver, dielectric resonator, dielectric resonator antenna, crossed field antenna, collinear antenna array, coaxial antenna, choke ring antenna, cage aerial, cassegrain reflector, cassegrain antenna, cantenna, biconical antenna, beverage antenna, AWX antenna, AN/SPQ-11, AN/FLR-9, and ALLISS and adcock antenna.